Pacheko is a main character in Rexrin Protocol.  He is Auriex’s good friend and is partners with Leole.  They are investigators who are called into a planet that has an unknown ailment killing the population.

Pacheko is tall, muscular and skilled at fighting.  He is also a huge flirt with girls, and his aggression and good looks makes him fairly successful in this regard.  Though both him and Leole are responsible for investigating, the reality is he is the one who does the fighting/guarding where as she ‘does the thinking’ as he might say.

Despite being part of the same unit for a while, he had never met Auriex’s partner, Rinnai until this mission.  For all intents on paper the two of them should be a good match as both are fit and direct, but Pacheko and Rinnai have an immediate dislike and distrust for the other.  They both play it off, but as the story goes on, it becomes obvious something is going on between them.



Pacheko was an infantry officer in the Solarian Federation.  This is where a majority of his skills came from.  He had been in some conflicts as the Solarians act as military proxies for the Aelisha.  With his strength and speed he came to prefer close combat and took a liking to short range weapons such as shotguns.

After completing this, his skills could be transferred as a guard unit for various investigation teams.  This is where he met Auriex, they were partners together for their first assignment.  They have been in the same unit since.



His favorite hobbies are weight lifting and swimming

He is actually good with long range weapons, but finds them ‘too boring’.

He would go shooting with Auriex at long range targets, mostly for him it was a form of simply spending time with his friend.




Major Spoilers for Rexrin Protocol:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*



Pacheko and Rinnai end up fighting each other in a sort of pre-arranged talk/duel.  He suspects her, and left the note to Auriex explaining his suspicion.  During the blackout, both of them take the time to meet, his intention is to hunt the her down.  He knew she was the fighter out of the pair and did not underestimate her ability.  What he did not count on though was her being a high level combat android.  In a normal fight his skills and strength would have won him the fight, but she was too much for the skilled soldier.

Despite his skills this unforeseen circumstance ends up costing him his life as Rinnai kills him not out of malice but mostly self-defense and to preserve her true mission.  Their rivalry was partly due to their nature as fighters as well as Pacheko knowing something was wrong with her, in general she did not particularly dislike him.