Auriex is a main character in Rexrin Protocol.  He is the leader of an investigation team which includes many pairs of people.  His partner is Rinnai, and one team with him is his girlfriend Leole, as well as his friend the soldier Pacheko. They are sent in to investigate why the planet of Jago Prime (an early terraforming colony) is dying off rapidly.

As the story opens they are waiting for his partner, the flirty Rinnai that the others have not seen before due to the way crew rotations have worked.  Auriex is surprised when the other team seems ambivalent at best of her.  They talk a little and he mentions to go on the isolator – a nanite program that blocks things from getting in, but makes the user sick after its use – due to an infection possibility.

He encounters a creature and successfully kills it with his knife, noting how it just seemed to give up when Auriex had the upper hand.

As the story progresses Auriex must peice together why these monsters are attacking, what is causing it, and if there is any way to stop it in time.

Relationship with Leole

They had met and known each other since their time at an academy.  He had a long interest in investigation work, and she was interested in medicene.  She liked Auriex and eventually changed her direction so she could be a scientist for investigation teams – directly as a result of him and to be with him.

Around graduation they took a long camping trip on a low population planet.  There was a rock slide they were both caught in, Leole wakes up earlier and is not seriously hurt.  Auriex is buried but alive, she is able to get him mostly out with the exception of his arm pinned by a huge rock.  There was no way to call for help, and with the situation getting worse there was only one option he saw.  They had promised to never leave or give up on the other one during this time – which was a promise that binded him and later felt like it enslaved him.  The solution was to cut off his arm, and she was able to easily due it with the monoedge knife, even if he was screaming in pain and blacked out.

The narrow escape brought them together for a long time.



He likes long range shooting, but for his job it is impractical.  Pacheko would go out shooting with him on occasion and was a way they bonded.

He had took Rinnai out for ice cream a couple of times after missions, but stopped as he felt like it was cheating on Leole.

One of his favorite foods is tomato soup.



Major Spoilers for Rexrin Protocol:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


When Rinnai first leaves Auriex it is due to a fight the two of them have.  When Auriex makes his way to the city, and finds Leole, he is so happy to see her for a while forgets about his desire for Rinnai.  Only upon reading Pacheko’s letter that indicates both the women does he start to have suspicions.

When Rinnai comes back the next day, the three of them head to the water treatment plant.  There, Leole is attacked, and he is knocked into a pool of water.  The creatures will no go into it, and shoots one that is after him.  He gets out, and finds Rinnai.  They are attacked, one of them looks like it is in pain as Auriex shoots it.  He realizes due to a picture found on the body that it was Leole who had been infected.

Rinnai warns him to not continue his serach, but at this point he must.  This was her warning him not to, as she could have kept him alive.  When he finds out it is due to nanites, and Rinnai’s explanation about the glitch that allows forced N-Limits they then fight.  He is shocked to find out she is an android.

He is mostly outmatched, and ironically get his mechanical hand pinned in collapsing metal.  Rinnai taunts him before he eventually cuts his hand off, and shoots her.  They have another fight, where she is beating him, but he gets a lucky stab with his knife when she tackles him.  They are both dying, he passes out, only to wake up again.  He realizes she used her android ‘blood’ on him as he uses it as well due to his mechanical arm.  With her final act to save him, he takes her barrette and crawls out of the building, the last one alive and the isolator expires as he falls to the ground.