Weiko is one of two main characters in the story Mirrored Sky.   He is a pilot of an advanced fighting craft called a ‘Valcare’ and is in a fight with an alien race known as the ‘Rift’.

Weiko and Ennina

Weiko and Ennina

Having survived fights he rapidly rises in the ranks simply due to still being alive.  He leads a squad on a fight over a planet named Sigel-3.  They rapidly realize they are going to lose again because the Rift ships are better.  Weiko believes himself the better pilot and sets his sights on the leader of the enemy formation.  When it grows desperate he decides to ram the enemy ship, including detonating his own missiles on himself.

His escape pod activates and he lands on an icy world with little chance of survival.  He knows his race can’t afford to come rescue anyone and it likely to lose the battle.  When he considers killing himself he sees that the ship he rammed also crashed a few hillsides over.  His final goal is to head over and see what the Rift look like, and kill it, a small token he now lives for.

When he opens the ship, to his absolute surprise (and the chagrin of his internal hate) he sees a young wounded girl.  Weiko then realizes that his race has been fighting each other, and has to figure out how to survive on this planet, and with his hatred for this enemy embodied by a young girl.


Weiko started with an extreme hate for the Rift because he came of age watching his race fall to the aliens.  Almost all people are put into various military services due to the fact they are being overran Weiko takes the dangerous path of being a front-line fighter.  Through his time at the military academy he makes a group of good friends who are all pilots.

During this time Weiko’s hate continues to grow due to the loss they are sustaining but is kept calm due to his feeling he will make a difference.

After graduating he is assigned a Valcare and is part of a battle where it is a 1,000 of them fighting only a few hundred Rift.  They win but at tremendous loss, losing almost the entire group.  A majority of his friends are killed in this battle and a few of his other friends die pretty soon after in other battles.

It is at this point that Weiko becomes nihilistic in that there is nothing to do as his race will be overran.  He stops caring about people and they simply drift through his life, including women he has sex with as how often people die in this bloody war.


Hidden Darkness:

In Mirrored Sky a pretty major element is that Weiko is driven by the intense hatred for the Rift and after realizing what they are, is torn due to having a Rift with him.  The darkness has become almost a full-on embodiment like another personality in his mind.  Many times it threatens to take over his actions due to times he considers killing or raping Ennina.

Despite how torn he is, he tries his best to hide this.  A key element is that due to Ennina’s naivety and his attempts at hiding his flaws she thinks he is much more pure then he actually is.  She has no idea the darkness that was present in his heart when they first met.

As time goes on, the front he puts on for Ennina is fully embraced by her (she believes what he says and doesn’t know his thoughts) and eventually he slowly starts to believe it himself.



Weiko’s language as Ennina hears it is based on Japanese, it is not real words but all the sounds are from that alphabet.

Weiko never correctly pronounces Ennina’s name during the story, this becomes a form of endearment after a while.

Weiko is substantially older than Ennina, at the start of the story she is around 16 and Weiko is late 20s.

Weiko uses a weapon similar to a Sweep Rifle, and is actually good at ground combat having been trained at it before his race abandoned that avenue of training due to fights never coming to that.



Spoilers for the end of the story:



Major spoilers, only read if finished the story as it spoils major plot points.


Weiko slows starts to believe what he preaches, mostly due to the noble Ennina acting so perfectly with what he told her but never embraces it to the level she does. In many ways he viewed her as an adopted kid or little sister.  This caused some conflict as he had clear sexual attraction for her but given his mental state was saved due to a line he could not cross with her.

After being attacked by her when they attempt to escape he starts to doubt everything they had built together.  While in jails for years he starts to doubt everything he had learned and wonders if he was wrong of turning her down.

He starts to expect that this was part of revenge Ennina wanted.  Eventually he quiets these thoughts are tries to live in peace.  When it is revealed that Ennina had done this all as the only way to stop the war he forgave her because he knew what was actually in her heart given their closeness from Sigel-3.  Essentially she believed what he was saying more than he himself did, and sacrificed so much to bring about his dream.

The story ends with both of them having bright white neon hair, having been ‘Marked‘ by Sigel-3’s Line energy from the Life Spring they survived at.