Bray is a major character in AilAid.  He is a tough and smart miner and the only male left alive on the colony.  The story opens with him been revealed to now possess white hair, a clear sign of being ‘Marked‘.  He is an older, mature guy who would be around his early 30’s.  He is the only surviving male, and is bunkered in along with Ria and Dix.

He was a miner on the colony that was slowly overran by an humanoid alien force.  The aliens appeared to target those they are going to kill by ‘Marking’ their hair white.  The story opens with him having his hair turning white.

As the story progresses it is revealed that the ‘Marking’ appeared to be connected to a blue stream of gas/energy that was found and contact with it caused the reactions.  Bray eventually reveals that the gas streams were found underneath the living quarters which explained why non-miners were infected and later killed.

He is calm, and good with weapons.  He constantly does what he can to keep Ria calm.  He is dating Dix and it is a fortuitous coincidence that they are both still alive after everything that has happened.

Bray has a high degree of suspicion why Ria is still alive.



Major Spoilers for AilAid:



*Please don’t read below unless you have finished the story as this is a very key reveal and spoils a major part of the book*


Bray is later revealed to be an intelligence agent from Terra.  He has a high degree of training which is why he is still alive.  This further compounds the unlikelihood that Ria is still alive given that him and Dix were both highly trained soldiers.