Reno is a major character in VayneLine.  He is cold, calculating, skilled and very intelligent.  Relatively unknown prior to the stealing of Blue Dragoon, him along with the other original four (Gauge, Reno, Billy, Eirik) were launched into infamy.

A sketch of Reno, holding a large rifle like he prefers.

Much like Gauge, Reno is in his mind far more than others around him.  Rather than the lost-in-thought or dreaming Gauge, he is much more focused and simply finds most of the world around him boring.

Reno dominates in nearly everything he does.  Possessing superior AGEing, his physical and mental prowess are often unmatched.  This leads to a very short temper of sorts as everyone around him is inferior.  As a result, anyone who actually challenges him mentally he finds interesting.

One of the major weapons Reno is seen using is a large ‘anti-tank’ rifle, similar to a Rail Rifle in many ways.  It shoots actual rounds compared to many energy weapons in use.  It is heavy but he wields it fairly easily.

Roza is Reno’s ‘girlfriend’ but it is unclear the actual standing of the relationship as he is not fazed by her flirting with others around him nor does much to actively show an interest in her.  Through they do have sex, the pairing strikes some of the others as odd, as Reno is far too serious for the jovial Roza.

One of the most pragmatic of the crew members (a position he shares with Gauge and Fade) this causes constant tension with the idealistic members, namely Arianna or Sky.  Particularly there is a very strong animosity between him and Arianna, both of them hint at things beyond what is being discussed indicting they know more than they let on.

Reno has a deep pain in his heart but makes no indication about this.  It is a very personal issue.

Acquiring Blue Dragoon:

Before VayneLine starts, Gauge, Billy, Eirik and Reno get together and for their various reasons ally up to pull a heist off on stealing the Blue Dragoon.  It is primarily done through the betrayal of trust of Sky Commander Laya who the other three knew previously.  Reno crafts an AI bomb that when they get close to Blue, threatens to wipe out Blue if the ship does not comply.  Blue complies not due to the threat, but because of a reason of wanting to leave himself.  The fact Blue wants to leave becomes important later as to why that was allowed.



Reno always dresses in a longer jacket and pants.  This occsionally makes him the target of small jokes about he is hiding something or that he is an android. (He isn’t one)

His melee weapon is a bo staff, but rarely uses it, and it competent bare handed.

He likes moderately spicy food, and omelets in the morning which Roza often makes.