Eirik is a central character in VayneLine, being part of Gauge‘s group.  He is a ‘Birther‘ from the Sky Riots that was one of several stuck in a time distortion.

Eirik and Billy, a sketch of the two long-time friends

Eirik is one of the rare people that he is actually born, but if from Earth/Terra.  This is due to a very odd set of circumstances.  Along with Reno, Gauge and Billy, they were the original four to steal Blue Dragoon and begin the adventure in VayneLine (which starts at least a year after these events).

He doesn’t take life to seriously and comes off as a major ‘class clown’ type.  This has the effect of thinking he is not particularly serious or good at anything.  The actual truth is after living through the horrors of the Sky Riots has given him a new lease on life.  Very occasionally he will turn melancholic when some memory triggers something about that past.  Largely he is loud, extroverted, speaks his mind and is dauntless despite his constant failures.

Somewhat of a handsome lecherous type, he is constantly distracted by chasing females.  One thing that justifies this is he is now in among literally thousands of AGEd woman that look like ‘goddesses’ in his words.

Eirik’s main weapon for melee is a set of dual ballistic tonfas.  They can either be used as normal tonfas, or can be activated to spread a thin ballistic shield that absorbs small firearm damage.  He is a pretty good unarmed fighter as well but his weakness is firearms as he never was fond of them.

During the Solarian Uplift many new technologies were entering widespread use, of these were various Jump Drives.  He was similar to many in he helped with various tests, unfortunately many of the early Solarian ships had bugs or glitches, which caused a lag due to relativistic forces, resulting in over a thousand years passing when they returned.  Upon returning, they were viewed as heroes for their sacrifice.


Eirik is a big meat eater like Billy

Despite the general feeling of failure when it comes to women, he was very successful with them on Terra due to his ‘hero’ status after the time distortion.