Leitra is a character related to Leiger in VayneLine.  She is a childhood friend who the two of them grew up together, being training partners for many activities.  She had black hair, along with green eyes and the brown slash much like Leiger.

During a time in their past, Leiger and her were together when they were attacked.  Leitra was killed or captured as it was the last Leiger saw as he blacked out from the attack on his tribe.  He had not seen he since and carries much guilt over it.  Though he was many years younger (around 16 years at the time) he felt responsible to not be able to contribute more to the defense and as a survivor it spurred him in his training later in life.

Trivia –

Like all Light Bladers, she retains the ‘Lei’ prefix on her name, an honor to the original founder and attempt to have his full name.