Rex is a character on Gauge’s crew who is a withdrawn, shape-shifting alien capable of tremendous strength and combat power but is mostly taciturn and philosophical.

Rex in his Solarian form. Stoic, thoughtful and tremendously powerful.

In the first VayneLine book Rex mostly serves as a support character that is not seen much.  Given his withdrawn nature, and a wisdom (compared to an intellect like Fade) he does not get along with many people.  Gauge is one of the few characters that they mutually like each other.

Rex is known as a ‘Drifter’ which is essentially an insult towards aliens that are not from known races.  Rex being a type of shape shifter fits into that category, and keeps his abilities mostly secret.  Oddly, the one thing that does not change is his eyes which remain a pupil-less and solid light-blue.

In his human form he is described as a mix between Billy and Reno and is sometimes confused for either of them with a quick glance.  This is only his face, as his body is huge and muscular, going beyond human limits easily.  Gauge said he say Rex lifting 1,000 pounds one handed once as they were working out.

Conversations and Philosophy

Through his conversations with Gauge is it revealed that Rex is extremly old.  Among things he mentions, he saw the Solarian Uplift by the Aelisha, he also mentions that he has vague memories of once fighting the Aelisha.

One of the bigger discussions that has undertones throughout the book is the discussion on the ‘Ship of Thessus’ he has with Gauge.  Essentially if there is a ship that each peice eventually gets replaced, is it the same ship?

Rex often is on the side, giving Gauge odd suggestions such as asking if Gauge is ‘too stupid to run away’ which Gauge views as far more deep than the words suggest.


Rex’s origin becomes revealed in later books and is tied very strongly into the back history of various races in VayneLine.



Rex’s preferred weapons are a super heavy sledge hammer-type bludgeon that most people can barely wield but he can crush people with.  He prefers machine guns for a ranged weapon, and prefers chemical propellants or mag weapons over energy weapons.

Has been alive for over thousands of years and saw the Solarian uplift.

Can sense extra-dimensional creatures