Havok is one of the three main character’s VayneLine follows.  He is a sniper that has been in the military of Neo Earth Federation for a majority of his life previous to the start of the story and his plot is heavily intertwined with the Aelisha Ran.

Ran being threatened by Havok

Havok is a mid-ranked soldier that has been alive through many battles.  A sniper who is incredibly fatalistic as he has seen friends, lovers and cities destroyed around him.  Reluctantly continuing to fight for NEF, against an incipient star-faring race, the Klattians, things change at the start of VayneLine.

His entire planet and government has been long abandoned by Terra, as it was initially founded during the early colonization rush after the Aelisha uplift of the humans.  As a result their technology is not as good, and were generally isolated from the rest of the human race.  This is not uncommon given the size of the universe, and many other colonies (and characters like Miranda) come from this same background.

Havok is the last of a small group of snipers, included in this group is a young man he views as a protege of sorts, Zax.  Secretly he sees a lot of his younger self before he became hardened to the world in the young man.

Among other soldiers he has been with in his unit for a while is a heavy machine gunner named Owl.  Unlike the more quiet Havok, he is loud but serves with Havok loyally due to the former’s sniping skills.

Line Artifact:

A majority of his story in the first VayneLine book is told through Ran’s point of view as she watches a neural net (a type of memory-watching ability using nanites) of how Havok and Ran came to meet.

Among the most interesting is the fact that Havok has a Line Artifact (as the Aelisha call them) which is an incredibly powerful weapon but appears to have an unknown cost while using it.  She watches the memories constantly, trying to find out anything she can about it.

Given Havok’s slightly taciturn nature, he naturally does not talk about it, but clearly knows his weapon is something special.  Is it the only weapon capable of killing one of the leaders of the Klattians that is wearing a very heavy armor that most weapons cannot damage.

Ran is also heavily puzzled by how many times Havok ‘chose the right option’ for seemingly inconsequently actions that add up over the course of a big battle (such as checking a machine gun that is actually jammed) and wonder’s how much of it is luck, or something else.



When he was young, he along with some others and his dog fell through some thin ice.  Rescuers came, saving him and his friends but would not go out for his dog.  He broke through them, saving ‘You’ll have to save me now’ and dove in for his dog.  Both were saved.

His Line Artifact started as a pistol

Acedia, a woman he sometimes sees in dreams, represents a purity he thinks does not exist in the world.