Ran is a major character in Havok‘s group in VayneLine.  She is an Aelisha agent that was caught on a planet along with a Line Artifact, this is not known initially to others beyond herself.


Ran is a high level Aelisha agent that found herself in a strange situation.  She was assigned to find out more about Line Artifacts (very powerful artifacts that only a few can use, and almost always they are Solarian)

She ends up in a abandoned sector where a set of colonies of Solarians are engaged in a war with a small alien race called the Klattians.  She is captured why tracking down a Line Artifact, and is kept in a lab.  It has been many many generations and the existence of the Aelisha has been lost.  So her appearance as well as the Line Artifact are tremendously powerful.

Most of the first VayneLine book regarding Ran and Havok is from Ran’s point of view as she is watching a Neural Net (a type of technology that allows memories to be re-watched) watching the large recent battle where Havok rebels against NEF and comes to find Ran.

Her best qualities are a good cunning and conniving intelligence.  She has connections to other Aelisha agents, two major ones are one who is watching the Dragoon starships which were made in rebellion against the Aelisha (and is tracking Gauge having stole Blue Dragoon).  The other was a genetic researcher claiming that the Solarian DNA looks edited but purposely hidden.

Ran becomes slightly obsessed with Gauge, viewing him as a stepping stone in destiny, planning on killing him to take his ship so her and Havok can continue their destiny.