Owl is an aggressive front line shocktrooper currently with Havok‘s group.  In his mid 20’s, despite his reckless behavior his extreme strength and combat abilities have kept him alive.  He wears a trademark long red bandana.

Preferring heavy machine guns, it shows his general view on life as far as using the biggest hammer he can to smash and nails down.  He respects Havok due to his soldier skills as a sniper even though the two of them are different in many respects.

Owl’s small city he was from was destroyed in an aerial bombardment when he was in his teens, he was one of the small percent who survived.  As a result he has grown up around combat and does not know any other life.  During Havok’s rebellion, sides with him only due to his camaraderie to Havok, even though he still felt a loyalty to NEF.