The D-Cannon – short for Dimensional Cannon – is an extremely powerful and secret weapon of the Solarians.  It is only equipped on the Dragoon-Class battleships, meaning there are only 10 in existence.

Unlike many weapons that are fired from within the Dragoon ships, this weapon is too large and is dorsally mounted. with a portion of the weapon remaining permanently in the open.  When it is fired, parts of the ship are reconfigured on the top, showing just how large of a weapon this truly is.

The weapon taps into a higher dimensional framework in which it creates a stabilized tunnel in which the upper dimension is pulled into this dimension momentarily with absolutely devastating consequences.

The tunnel of annihilating energy is nearly a mile wide, and of unknown length, given a ship can maneuver, this could be used to lance huge swaths completely apart.  Even a static firing could destroy a planet due to rarefaction waves that would rip it apart.

Description of it firing:

A huge wave of blue radiated away two-dimensionally from the cannon which was pointed towards the ‘front’ of the ship, it also was the only weapon too big to fit into any of the ports, it hung on the outside of the ship, dorsally mounted.

The planar beam radiated straight from our ship’s side now turning forward, there were a couple of ships in front of us that were caught in the blast, I think most were already dead, but I couldn’t be sure, I could only hope.  From the two-dimensional ‘plane’ that was now visible, the vast expanse of this suddenly rolled and twisted up into a tunnel much larger than our ship, still apparently two-dimensional.

From this thin, brilliant tunnel, that would act as a constraint for the true weapon a hyper-coherent beam suddenly formed within that tube, the energy looked exactly like the weird fusion color found in a plasma balls only blue.  It looked as much ‘energy’ as it did ‘light’, similar an after-image of a laser, yet it was constant.  It was so bright that even through nanite filters on my eyes it hurt to look at.  From the tube, and especially within the tube, sparks shot off that looked a lot like lighting exploding through space.  Ships hit by the lightning exploded apart.” – Fade, VayneLine



The D-Cannon is fired at an unstoppable space monster that is wiping out an alien fleet in VayneLine.



Spoilers for VayneLine 2:


The D-Cannon is an example of Angelian power, and is a fairly typical weapon they are capable of making.  It was included in the Dragoon ships as part of their master plan.