Proud Infinity pt 11

Hey guys, thanks for reading the complete story is on amazon if you want to buy it.  Here is part 11:


I was confused.  “So, I can take it we do know each other, right?” I asked.

She was still coming down off her laughs, nodding rapidly.  “If you know my name, then we evidently do, Trego.”  She pulled her hand off me in a slightly sensual way, the fingers lingering behind ever so slowly.

“Yeah, well a lot of weird things have been happening, and right now I could believe just about anything.  We know each other’s name, but that could be for any reason.  Hell, for all I know I will be waking up any moment in a hospital with the rest of the world nuked outside my window.”  Damn, was that a scary thought.

Her response had nothing to do with what I had said.  “You do enjoy this color of hair, do you not?”

What?  I sat back a bit in my chair.  Something was kind of weird here.  I felt this aura of having to hurry to get something done, and it involved this girl, but somehow she knew I actually did like this hair color?  And why would she even ask?  Especially with me worrying that what I was experiencing was not reality, but maybe some delirium from a coma or worse.

“I do, but it’s odd you would ask that.  But about us knowing each other…”

“Is it indeed your favorite?” she asked, pressuring me, as she held a strand of hair in front of her.

“Uhh, well I guess it’s pretty good.  It’s actually my favorite color, I’m surprised it looks so good as a hair color.”

“And this?” She sat back in her chair, pulling her hands up to her breasts and cupping them, holding them for a moment for me to evidently savor before lowering her hands down her thin stomach and following through to her hips and legs.

My eyes narrowed a bit in suspicion, but I was also highly confused.  “…Yeah I guess.  I mean ‘favorite’ is a weird word, but you are probably the most attractive girl I’ve seen.  Why though?  I mean I’m as confused as hell right now as to what is going on.  This screams ‘trap’ louder than just about anything I’ve been in.  What is going on here?”

She had a soft smile that seemed to inspire a warm hope that everything was going to be okay.  I felt a little more relaxed just seeing how calm she was.  “It has just been such a long time since we had made it this far, and I wanted to make sure.  It has been so, so long, and wanted to ensure I had not forgotten details like this.  You see such base things as this prove to be a very important interactive facet to the success of what must be done.  Simple, but important.”  She nodded decisively.

I was sitting there, trying to piece together vague stories that might explain what exactly was going on with me, most involving drugs, torture, hospitalization, some experiment, or wondering if she would change into a different girl when she eventually said, “I know what you are wondering, and the answer is yes.”

The next instant the girl in front of me changed to another woman.  Proud had been replaced by a woman who was slightly taller, the medium length green hair was now a long blue, the side ribbon was now a red bow on the back, and the tight black body suit was now white, hugging a body as every bit as attractive as the former.  Though the appearance was in a way completely different, it was the same in its strange divine beauty, and the single infinity symbol on her cheek.

For a moment I was a bit stunned, but then I realized what it was.  The realization gave me a calm control as it finally made sense.  It was kind of simple, though maybe that’s the way truths were.  “I am crazy, aren’t I?”  I laughed at myself.  Hmm, well that is a relief.  Maybe being crazy isn’t that bad if at least I have a hot girl along with my visions.  I started laughing at the ceiling.  Maybe being crazy was actually kind of fun.  I was kind of tired of being responsible.  If this is what it is like, I’ll enjoy my new state quite a bit.  This was going to be fun, being crazy.

She shook her head ‘no’. “Not in the slightest.”  I sat there staring at this woman, whose words I believed more than my thin, slipping grip on reality when she said, “That’s why I chose you.”

“Chose me?”

“Yes, chose you.  Was I not clear?  Do I need to change my pronunciation or voice?”  Her words were not aggressive, rather completely sincere in making sure I understood.

I lifted my hand, shaking it and my head ‘no’. “No, I remember you can change your voice too.  I understand your words; I just don’t understand its implications.”

The blue-haired woman continued talking. “The fracture only goes so far back which limits options.  In terms of acting agents, there were only a few choices, and if you can believe it, you prove to be the most accepting and the fastest remedy.”

I understood the words she physically spoke, but I had no clue as to what exactly she was trying to say.  I was looking at her when the next instant she went back to the typical Proud appearance.  I closed my eyes. “Damn, can you stop that?  Unless this is part of your mission to see how much I can take before I go crazy and kill myself or something.  Probably would not take much to push me over the edge, literally.”

A dark thought suddenly came over me.  My friend had committed suicide, and I know a lot of former employees were dead.  Was this – ‘this’ being the possible succubus in front of me – the reason?  This might be nothing more than some sort of military psyche test of Solarian breaking points.  ReCorp’s purpose was actually setting up these dastardly tests.  Eliminate the ability to leave the planet, then test everyone until they eventually succumb.

I opened my narrowed eyes at her.  Yeah she was up to something.  Damn, what a rough test: get the most beautiful girl you can to see if you can crack a Solarian.  Yes, you can, and it often was not that hard.

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