Proud Infinity pt 14

Hey guys, putting together a entire paperback, an omnibus of sorts regarding all the stories of which Proud Infinity is part of.  We last left Trego talking to Proud about the perception of reality.


“So you can play tricks on some chumps?” I asked her.

“Oh, it’s much easier to influence his world, but it really has no point.  I could destroy this whole building,” I felt some fear in my stomach over her talking so easily about power I could not ever hope to match, “but talking to you is much harder.  Influencing your world is much more difficult, but still doable.”  She nodded towards my chest, and I looked down and my white shirt was now a bright pink.  “You have no idea how hard that was compared to…” she lifted her finger and waved it, as the back wall of the building fell apart into rubble.

“What the hell?  You are telling me no one notices that!?” I cried in surprise.

She snapped her finger and the wall was back together.  “Someone might eventually.  The real take away is how variable what you think your continuous existence actually is.”

“Interesting.  But how is this ‘my world’?  I saw that screen you broke, so I saw ‘his world’ or whatever, and he could see this shirt for sure, so it’s hardly isolated.  You are telling me everyone has their own reality, and that there isn’t a true one?  I don’t buy that at all.  What’s real, is real.  The screen is broke, the wall was destroyed, or at least looked like it for a moment, and my shirt is now pink”

Her ribbon followed the ‘no’ of her head.  “You are wrong about it being isolated.  True, there is the ‘real’ reality, but most beings only vaguely perceive it at any time.  You have a higher awareness so it pierces into other’s realities, and you actually see a majority of the truth of this plane.  But to him?  Do you think he knew at all what color shirt you had on?  I could change it five more times of him talking to you and he would never remember.”

“So because I pay attention to a guy’s shirt color, that somehow makes a difference?”

Her face matched her confident question, “Well, that is what the truth was, or is, right?”

“Yeah, and the truth is that wall was annihilated, lots of people could have noticed that.”

She shook her head again; I idly wondered if I could make her neck sore with how much she was doing that.  “He did not notice, and you are going to forget this wall soon compared to everything else that is going to happen.  This had zero effect on the current thread.  No one else’s consciousness saw it, and you will forget with what occurs soon.”

“I find it hard to believe that reality is a billion little worlds of consciousness or whatever.”

“I did not say that at all.  I said someone like you is more aware of other’s worlds, and aware of the true reality.  Could you in your current form know the truth everywhere?  Not a chance.  But as far as Solarians go, you are notable.”

“So what is the truth?  I can’t believe that the physical plane doesn’t exist, so don’t try to say that.”

She laughed. “Ha, no, it is indeed quite real.  It is the base from which all others stem.  But to you, there are these dimensions, and there is like two more you can perceive…” she stopped a moment, tapping her lip like she was trying to remember her briefing on me, “gravity and time I believe you call them?”


“But you as a race are unaware of the lattice in which strong emotions can become engrained in.  Some of your race are capable of feeling that, for example.  Or of hyper dimensional beings that feed on un-concentrated consciousness.  Or even of Solarians that have higher dimensional realities within themselves that in this form they are unaware of.”

“Or it appears we are unaware of whatever it is you are,” I said, pointing to her.

Her smile indicted I was right. “It is true.  Makes you wonder how often we come to you if this is all you see of us, doesn’t it?”

“So what are you, a hyper dimensional being or whatever you said?  Feeding on my consciousness?”  I lifted my hand, smirking at her. “So does it taste good or what?  This temple is pure, baby,” I said boisterously while gripping my fist.

“No, I am an incarnation of something your race is just now starting to become aware of.  If I had to state it simply, perhaps I am an incarnation of the essence of the universe.”  She stopped.  “I suppose you could call me a LineGod.”

“A linegod?”  I asked, my eyebrow raising.  I believed about half of what she was saying, and that was only because I had these powerful dreams.

She nodded assent.  “Mm-hmm!  From our perspective, ‘god’ is fitting given your understanding.  Not some sort of creator sense exactly, but awareness perhaps.  And the Line because that is what we are all part of.  I suppose you could call me a demigod of sorts, but a really cute and friendly one!”

I grabbed the drink I never actually wanted.  I took a big sip and noted it tasted cold; I concentrated on the feeling to ensure I was still awake or alive.  “If even half of this is true, this is pretty bad that you are talking to me then.”

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