Thanks to my readers!

Hey guys wanted to give a quick thanks to those of you supporting my blog and to my readers out there, check it out, this is my new record I just got today!


As you can see it was pretty dead for a while, but it is finally taking off.  These do NOT include the free books, so this is actual kindle select.  Exciting!


Yes I know its modest at this point but to be going ANYWHERE is really exciting, thanks again everyone.

7 thoughts on “Thanks to my readers!

  1. …and, yeah, glad to be here…which reminds me, I fell off my schedule this week and I’m behind a post! Gotta stroke one out tonight! Thanks for the inspiration and great writing!


  2. New post up! Oh, btw, you and about 3 other bloggers are the reason why I cannot stop blogging now! if I do, I’ll turn this computer on a year later, and all 3 of you will already be published by Simon and Schuster! So keep writing and entertaining! Thanks!


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