Proud Infinity pt 6

Hey guys our hero Trego is having some weird things happen to him where he has seen the future before it happens and the playful/enegmatic Proud teases him about the situation.  Some more action is about to occur. Enjoy, like and comment!


We sat there for a while, her gaze never leaving mine, even though I would occasionally look around the room for something to pop out and say this was a joke, or I was in some experiment.  I was going to lash my hand out to grab hers, but she seemed to pull it back about the same time I had the thought.  That was kind of odd, maybe she knew what was going to happen as well

“So are you going to tell me what is going on?” I asked her.

“Kind of an odd question.”

I closed my eyes for a moment.  “Look, please, I get that, you have stated it enough times.  I am trying hard to not get angry here.  I want to know why I seemed to have had a dream about you, about this whole place.  That guy over there wanted to fight me, and this guy here,” I said, trying to point them out without making too much motion, “shoots me later and I almost die.  Then later the whole world goes black and everything on the planet dies.”

As soon as I said everything I wanted to grab them back.  Here I was pulling up to some amazingly attractive girl who gave nothing but cryptic answers to dodge my questions and I spilled my whole crazy psyche before her.  Trego, you fail the test, we condemn you to a permanent life of wandering the streets.

“If only you were right in the scope,” she said to herself before looking back to me.  “Did you learn anything?” she asked.

“Yeah, I learned a lot, but I am the one asking questions.”

She grinned, her perfect white teeth shone for a moment.  “Are you?  It appears you let me ask one.”  Evidently she possessed a bit of wittiness beyond her cryptic clauses.  I had to laugh once at her wit.  I liked her, even if she pissed me off.

“You aren’t used to having a conversation are you?”

“Do you want me to answer that?” she asked.

“Oh, so now you would answer some stupid question?  Look, don’t answer that one, but tell me this, have we met before?” I said emphasizing the last part.


The first guy who fought me had now walked up; I did not like where this was going.  “You are scaring some of the others.  I think it is best if you left before something happens.”

I turned to him. “I think it’s best if you shut your face before something happens.”

I looked back at Proud who had resumed a tight, thin smile, almost as if she was trying to subdue a laugh.

“That so?” the guy asked loudly.  “Well why don’t you shut this!?”  My drink was sent crashing and spilling into me following his comment.

No!  My dream warned me about this, and it happened anyway!  I turned quickly back to the girl.

“We are involved in something big here, aren’t we?  By that I mean you and me right?”

“Yes, but that is an understatement.”

“I’ve seen this before last night in my dream, and I was supposed to avoid it.  But I know what I need to do to avoid getting shot.  I will be back.  I hope we will meet again.”

“I know.  You always are.  We always will.”

I wanted to ask her something about what she just said but a shot exploded off the Dimaglass on the window behind us.  I lifted my Liner pistol, firing at the glass myself until it shattered from the multitude of rounds unloading their kinetic energy into it and jumped through, feeling a shard tearing into my shoulder.

I ran and ran, getting away from there.  I stopped, breathing hard, and started laughing.

“Yes!  I did it!”  My dream warned me about today.  I must have some sort of Chrono Sense that was activating to prevent me from getting shot at.  Of course, this was nothing new; a lot of special people had some of these advanced Senses, but to have it myself?  Great!  Hell yeah Trego, you won’t be on the streets much longer now.

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